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Where is your heart?

Feb 6, 2022

Over the last fifteen years, since I became a senior move manager, I have seen a change in attitude with many of my customers. They are moving away. And it is a good thing!

Thirty years five ago, when I first started working for my parents in the moving business, seniors were staying in their big family house where they had raised their children. They didn’t leave until they had to, and often, it was to move to a nursing home. There was nothing in-between. When they were forced to move, it was a crisis.

Back then, one of the big reasons that folks could stay in that house was that their children lived nearby and could help them through their life-changes. Another reason was that there weren’t many choices.

Now days, children have left home and moved to another part of the country. Yes, they get to make choices about their future. So do you.

Today’s customers say that the upkeep on that big house just is too darn much work. The whole family doesn’t stay over anymore. Folks are getting tired. They tell me how difficult it is to be alone as they have declining health. They talk about how hard it is on their kids to fly here when there is a health scare. Some of my customers have been telling me for four or five years that they are thinking about moving to where their family is, whether it is their brothers and sisters or their children. I want to shout, “What are you waiting for? Go!”

Folks have more choices about where they can live. There are well-designed senior communities. (We’ll call them “boomer communities” for those of you who will never think of yourselves as a “senior”.) Communities have great layouts to cater to your new, freer lifestyle, they have activities for all interests, and there are people around who quickly become your caring neighbors. You keep an eye out for them and they keep an eye out for you. That is truly what community is all about.

Many of my customers are taking a leap offaith and moving to a community, and they are moving to one that is near their family. Actually, they often say they are moving to be near their grandchildren. I seldom have people tell me that they are moving to live near their children, it is all about their grands. No, you probably won’t see them all the time, but you will see them ten-times more than you do now.

What a gift. When there is inevitably a change in health, everything and everyone is already in place for the children to be of real help on a regular basis, rather than when they can get a few days off work to fly in to lend a hand.

Consider what a difference it would make if you were part of your children’s lives on a regular basis again. It is time to make new memories.