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When seniors are downsizing from the house they’ve been in for over 50 years, it can be overwhelming. Repeatedly we hear: “I don’t know where to start.” Often there are tears.

They need help to deal with all the stuff – whether it is the stuff in their home, or the emotional stuff they are faced with.

Boomer kids are looking for direction too. “Why won’t Mom do what I want?”, and “My brother won’t help me.” The popular line: “We’re going to get a dumpster.”

Transitions is a monthly column to guide seniors and their children through these changes. It is

Jean Long Manteufel — Author

about the emotion and the commotion of making the transition. With ideas for both generations, my goal is coach, encourage and guide.

This is a collection of fifty of those columns. The stories often aren’t just one person’s story. If they feel familiar, it is because there are many of us sharing the same challenges. You aren’t alone.

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