Transitions With Jean Blog

Ballad for Mom and Dad

Oct 26, 2022

Dear Jean, you had a beautiful ballad many years ago about a mom making a move. My family needs to hear it now that we are going through this. Can you print it again?

Absolutely. Here you go. It goes to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey.

On top of my table, all covered with stuff,
Are decades of treasures, going through them is tough.

My kids say “Mom, leave here”. I wish they would know,
To leave this old house, well, it hurts my heart so.

My dear and I lived here, raised our family of four.
Now I am without him, I hurt to the core.

But time has a way of – moving along.
I can’t keep this house up; I’m just not as strong.

My house has outgrown me; the upkeep’s such stress.
The windows need washing. The garden’s a mess.

The times they have changed now; I don’t move so quick.
Doing laundry in the basement, of that, I am sick!

Old neighbors have left here; I feel so alone.
This new place, I am told, will soon feel like home.

Is it true what folks tell me? I will make friends anew.
It’s hard to make changes, so I hope it is true.

It’s so overwhelming. Where do I begin?
The list is so long that – I guess I’ll jump in.

“Call a Senior Move Manager”, my friend tells me true.
“She’ll help you consider, just what to do.”

The gal helps me pick out – the things I should take:
The sofa and chairs for – this new home I’ll make.

“Take things that are useful, and that you adore.
Fewer things will be needed.” She says “Less is more.”

From the den I will take a – thing I enjoy,
The table my dear made, when he was a boy.

From the bedroom, so special, photos of all.
My family mementos, to adorn the new wall.

She says “Plates and glasses, of each, just take six.”
This “Now-sizing” idea, is starting to click.

The movers have pulled up. It’s now time to go.
Good-bye to my old house, I will miss you so.

Once I have my things out, the kids can go through
And take what they wish, they are their memories too.

My gal will then clear out and sell what she can,
Then get the house ready – to list. That’s the plan.

I’m so glad I called her and saved myself grief.
She made this job easy. What a relief!

I know this adventure – will bring on new things.
It’s time to look forward – to whatever life brings.

A month after moving, my apartment’s just so.
I wish we had done this, a few years ago.

I’m busy with projects. I’ve met some friends new
And re-found an old one – from back in high-school.

My new home is lovely, so cheery and bright.
Don’t tell my children, but perhaps they were right.

Consid’ring a new home? To your house bid adieu.
Make a transition; you’ve still got living to do!

Jean Long Manteufel writes a column on the first Sunday of each month about life changes associated with aging. Send your questions to or call 920-734-3260.